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Posted on February 4, 2015 at 6:45 AM

For those old and regular visitors and SSuite Office supporters, you may have noticed that all of our free software download links have changed. This was done due to the fact that we had a few major DDOS attacks on our website last year and also again earlier this year too.


This completely made our downloads very unreliable and also brought our website down a few times too! So we decided to move all our free software downloads to the cloud. We went shopping and ran into a big problem; most of the cloud providers out there had no security features for preventing abuse and DDOS attacks.


We finally found OpenDrive and immediately saw that they provided the best security and bandwidth size for all our needs. Thanks to their firewall security feature linked to our account, we could quickly identify the DDOS attackers by their I.P. address and just as quickly block them with just one entry into the firewall action list.


This brought the onslaught on our website to an end. If you require extra security on your download from our download links at OpenDrive, simply replace the http://  with https:// if it is not there already. Some of our free software apps that are available for download have already been updated to allow for a secure download.


You simply only need to click once on the links and within a few seconds the link will become live and will then be ready for download. Do not get impatient, as repeated clicking on any link on our website will not make it react faster.


SSuite Office is Powered by OpenDrive, Superfast downloads - Online storage, backup and cloud content management

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