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New software breakthroughs!

Posted on February 27, 2012 at 6:50 AM

Hi there everyone,  :)


I have recently discovered some new hidden codes in the RTF structure documentation to enable complete justified text in our rich text editor, found in all our word processors. It is also now possible to enable inter-character spacing according to desired settings. I have also added new pages and envelope sizes to the print previews in QT Writer Express, WordGraph, and WordGraph HD. Now it is possible to print custom graphics and text on envelopes from inside our word processors.


I have also added in WordGraph HD the special character effects found in MS Word. You should know them all well, Las Vegas Lights, Sparkle text, Marching Black/Red Ants, Shimmer etc. All these effects can now be added from inside WordGraph HD. They are however hidden codes, and may only be seen in MS-Word or MS-Word viewers. These effects will be reflected in the status bar on the bottom of the pages. So keep an eye out for the descriptions. Download MS-Word viewer for free, and have a look at these effects hidden in your rich text documents.


We have free download links of MS-Word Viewer from our free software download page. They are just below our software listings. So please help yourself to this download.


You may also have noticed that we also now have thumbnail views in all our WordGraph releases. They have been optimised to reflect all the changes in the editor instantaneously. They also help with getting a complete overview of your precious documents in one go.


But wait... there's more!!   8)


Further more we have also added tabbed document interfaces to all our applications including WordGraph, Accel, and Netsurfer found in all our major office suites.


If you have an existing installation of one of our software suites or applications already, you may find all these new features in our service and update packs right now. Find them all here.  If not, you may download a fresh new copy right now from our free download's page, or from the relevant software application's web page.


Help yourself to all our great new software applications, and have a nice day!




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