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Bring Aero Glass Back in Windows 8 and 10...

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 5:30 AM

Download This Free App to Bring Aero Glass Back in Windows 10


Aero Glass third-party app now supports Windows 10


One of the most requested features for Windows 10 was Aero Glass effects, which was previously available in Windows 7 but removed in Windows 8 when Microsoft went all-in on the flat UI instead of the shiny look with transparency tweaks.


We only use the WIN32 API to create native Windows Applications. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time...In Windows 10, however, Microsoft brought back the blurred transparency look that was used in the Aero suite of effects directly in the Start menu and the action center, but users still expect more and want the same tweaks all across the operating system.


If you want the old Aero effects in the title bar of your apps, search no more because Big Muscle's Aero Glass third-party app now works on Windows 10 too.


Only working in Windows 10 build 10240 and 10525...


Before rushing to download and install this app, there's something you need to know. For the moment, you have to download the version that's labeled as being designed for “Windows 8.1” and its current version number is 1.4.


According to the developer behind this project, the application should work okay in Windows 10 build 10240, but in 10525, which is actually the latest technical preview build released by Microsoft to insiders one week ago, it's still in experimental stage and could fail to work correctly.


And yet, if you decided to stick to the RTM build of Windows 10, then you're good to go, and Aero Glass should work flawlessly on your PC.


We've tested the Aero Glass third-party app on Windows 10 build 10525, and aside from some small glitches when resizing windows, everything appears to be working fine. Not to say that the desktop looks even better than before, which makes some wonder why Microsoft isn’t offering such options from the very beginning and is forcing users to turn to third-party apps.


And yet, it's a good thing that free apps like this exist and work, so go ahead and download Aero Glass for Windows 10 to give it a try right away.

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