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Those Greedy Silicon Valley Bastards.

Posted on March 17, 2013 at 5:40 AM


In an article this week I read that a coalition of major technology firms from Silicon Valley, with the likes of Yahoo and Facebook, are very unhappy with America's immigration laws. From an article from the slashdot website.


This comes as they no longer wish to employ American citizens but rather want to decrease the work Visum restrictions so that they can pay less for immigrant workers and make more profit. These greedy corporations have already corrupted the American national tax laws as they get tax breaks for employing immigrants rather than American citizens.


Now if this isn't treason towards their own people, then I don't know what is. How can they blatantly tell the American people that their money is good enough to be spent on their goods and services, but they are not good enough to be employed by them. What more do they want? Blood money?...


These greedy corporate bastards, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and executives, are also planning a virtual "march" on Washington in April. The absolute cheek of these people! Telling everyone there is a major need for qualified workers, yet completely ignoring the much qualified and experienced American workforce itself, just to make a few bucks more on the balance sheets for their bonusses and shareholders!


I would say that President Obama better be very carefull when considering their open letter to him about immigration reform. They are contemplating social disfunction and destruction of the vast numbers of highly skilled and experienced work force currently present in America. Why don't these companies just expand their educational support and organically grow the base of technology employees themselfs in the local market. This would have a much more advantages effect on the economy and social upliftment of everybody in America.


Let us hope the American President know better than to listen to these evil and greedy Silicon Valley Bastards...



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