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Communicating over your LAN / Wi-Fi network with our IM and Video Phones

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 6:05 AM


It has recently become very popular to start using your own infrastructure or LAN / Wi-Fi network to communicate peer-to-peer with others. This option is a much easier method of communication between people in the same office, campus, or even home environments.


It is not just the best way of instant communication, but is also a free way of communicating between computers. There is no internet connection required, so you don't need to use your precious and very expensive bandwidth for calling and chatting over your own LAN or Wi-Fi network. { Unlike Skype and the other IM messenger apps }


You already own and use your network to connect to each other for document transfers, so why not use it for communicating with each other by either instant messenging {IM} or video conferencing.


We have a whole range of free stand-alone, peer-to-peer, server-less video phones and IM applications for anyone to download.


Here are a few screenshots of our free LAN communication software apps for you to view:



Here is a full list of all our Communication Software Apps:                          View More Apps Here...

All of the above communication's software are also capable of working over your internet connection without the need for a third-party server or website connection. Just type in your I.P. address of the other computer and press the call button. That is all you need to start a video conference or IM session with your friends and family.    8)

If you are behind a router, then you will have to set the router's Port Forwarding. This will reroute the incoming transmission and send it to the relevant computer waiting for the call.

Here is a very easy to use application that will assist you in setting up your router in no time, it's called Simple Port Forwarding. Just Click Here to view more information on this application, it is currently listed at If you already now about this application then simply Click Here to download it. (6.63MB} 

For further information, you may have a look at the tutorial for Video communications. {It is in PDF format}

Enjoy chatting to everyone over your LAN / Wi-Fi networks for free without anyone monitoring your call like with Skype and Google's latest WebRTC project.   :P

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